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Antmicro Android 5.1 Preview Release Notes

Release Notes for Antmicro Android 5.1 Preview Image for Toradex Colibri T30, Apalis T30, and Apalis i.MX 6 Modules

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1toradexcortexa9_android5.1previewreleasenotesv2.1beta1_1.txtRelease notes for ToradexCortexA9_Android5.1PreviewImageV2.1Beta1_2016-01-14.tar.bz231.97 KB2016-01-27 02:27Yes
2antmicro_android_5.1_preview_release_notes.txtRelease notes for ToradexCortexA9_Android5.1PreviewImageV2.0Beta2_2015-07-30.tar22.11 KB2015-07-27 07:55-
3colibri_t30_android5.1previewreleasenotesv1.1beta1.txtRelease Notes for Android 5.1 Preview Image V1.1beta111.07 KB2015-04-24 16:48-